Thursday, November 15, 2007


J.D.'s relationship with Elliot is probably one of the most complicated ones in the television show. Every season, one falls in love with the other while the other despises or feels nothing for the first. This "emotional rollercoaster" is not as uncommon as Scrubs might lead you to think. Catullus' relationship with Lesbia at times almost mimics J.D.'s with Elliot. In this post, I'll reflect on J.D.'s jealousy of Elliot's relationships.

In one season, Elliot is dating a man named Sean while J.D. is secretly in love with her. Every day he watches the couple, envying and hating Sean every second. Catullus feels almost the same way in poem 51, when he describes his feelings while watching Lesbia who is sitting and laughing with her husband. He describes her laughter has robbing him of all feelings when he says "dulce ridentem, misero quod omnis eripit sensus mihi." Simply watching her hurt him because she was with another man.

Catullus' poems demonstrate that his ideas and emotions from the first century A.D. apply to people of all places and times. Unrequited love or love just simply ignored hurts whether you are from Ancient Rome or from contemporary America.